Sparrow Wallet (Desktop)

Sparrow Wallet


Available for: macOS, Linux, Windows.
Official website:


  1. Open the Server configuration window.

    • If you’re setting up Sparrow from scratch, click Configure Server on the welcome screen.

    • If you’re already using Sparrow, go to Preferences > Server.

  2. For Type, select Private Electrum

  3. For URL, enter your Electrum Remote URL.

  4. For Port, enter 50001.

  5. Disable Use SSL.

  6. Click Test Connection to verify Sparrow is able to connect to your Umbrel.

  7. After verifying, click Close.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Sparrow to your Umbrel.

Unable to connect to Sparrow? If Bitcoin Core has only recently finished syncing, please try connecting again in ~24 hours.

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I have never run a node before- I am running a full node on a raspberry pi, and trying to connect the sparrow wallet-

Not sure what to do with this - 1. For URL, enter your Electrum Remote URL.

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It’s not clear on umbrel where to find the *Electrum Remote URL & these instructions don’t indicate anything either.

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Agreed, this took a lot of unnecessary trial and error because Umbrel have yet to update their instructions since moving over to the new user interface.

For Sparrow, use the Electrs “app” and ensure the “Tor” option is checked.


@LVONM thanks what was exactly what I was looking for.

@louneskmt @LVONM, is it possible to connect Sparrow to my Umbrel Bitcoin node without the use of Electrs, as described above? I have Umbrel running on a separate Pi and the node has finished syncing. Would prefer to avoid Electrs and save the extra 100+gb of hard drive space I’ve read it consumes.

Want to use Sparrow with my Coldcard exclusively and their docs ( go into detail about how to connect Sparrow to your node but I’m unsure how Umbrel complicates that process.

Would appreciate any advice!

Hi did you have any success with connecting without Electrs?

Unfortunately, no one has answered and I have been too busy to look into much further since the post. Please do share if you figure it out and I promise to do the same!

I ended up installing the Electrs App and then was able to successfully establish a connection over both Tor using the address provided in the Electrs App and over the umbrel.local … it seems that via the Electrs App is the way to go!

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Thanks for the info. Just to make sure, connecting via the connect button within the bitcoin node app won’t work but to instead use the electrs app to connect?

Hi, noob here. I’m struggling trying to connect my sparrow to my node. Do I need to wait for my node to be fully synchro before trying to connect sparrow to it? I can’t connect to my node, I’ve tried all the options and followed the instructions. But nothing seems to work. Am I missing something? Thx

can confirm it worked, thanks

yes it needs to be synced as well as electrs

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I am getting this error when I test connection. What does it mean?

"Could not connect:

Error reply: Unable to set option: Failed to bind one of the listener ports.
Is a Tor proxy already running on port 9050?

Assuming Tor proxy is running on port 9050 and trying again…"

If both are on the same network umbrel.local

Wait, I’m very confused. Recently I’ve downloaded Sparrow on Desktop and connected to Electrs on my Umbrel in hopes to use it as a front-end. It says it connects but nothing is showing up. I don’t use Sparrow but I’m very confused, how am I supposed to use it? Is my Bitcoin node not my wallet since I use and have an address on Lightning Node instead? I feel like that can’t be right, but I guess Umbrel turned the Bitcoin node into only that - a node that won’t have a wallet attached, is that right? So that means I need Electrs to point at Lightning Node which does have some sats in it, right? How would I even do that if it’s right? Or am I completely misunderstanding something? Lol I’m so confused.

Not sure if this is the answer but try disabling the “Use Proxy” button on the server setup menu.

Definitely make sure proxy is turned off

So my electrum server says 99% synch and I am unable to connect my sparrow wallet to the electrum server. Is this the way it is supposed to be? I get an error saying “Could not connect: Retries exhausted.” I have private electrum selected. copy the electrum address directly, SSL disabled, proxy is off. and the port is same as LVONM put is the screen shot, which is the same as shows in my screen. Help!

Same here after updating Bitcoin core, Sparrow wallet won’t connect, glad I haven’t got much on there.