Trying to connect Sparrow to Umbrel

So I’m trying to connect my Sparrow wallet to my Umbrel. When I follow the “connect wallet” steps in Umbrel and then try to Test Connection, I get:

"Could not connect:

Error reply: Unable to set option: Failed to bind one of the listener ports.
Is a Tor proxy already running on port 9050?

Assuming Tor proxy is running on port 9050 and trying again…"

Followed immediately by:
“Could not connect:
SOCKS: Host unreachable. Check if the proxy server is running.”

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  1. If you run Sparrow on a PC in the same LAN as your umbrel node, you can use umbrel.local:50001 as electrum server to connect your Sparrow. Put your node IP as umbrel.local in your PC hosts file first.
  2. If you connect from outside LAN, then you need to run Tor service (not browser) on that machine, in order to be able to connect to your electrum server, through Tor.

Follow the instructions from “connect wallet - electrum”

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This worked! Thank you very very much.

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I have the same issue, but I just started, so I only have Umbrel 5.0
The connect wallet dropdown is no longer an option Umbrel 5.0- is there a solution to check if the tor system is up and running?

I have the same issue. I have umbrel 5.0 and it’s different. I have the tor browser installed on local computer but I don’t know if that’s exactly what they mean. When they say enter your electrum remote URL, are they talking about the Bitcoin core RPC address (RPC tor or P2P)?

@legalbabble26 & @allaboutsats having the same issue after updating to 5.0.

Having same issue, were you able to find a solution? @kylecullen @legalbabble26 & @allaboutsats

No, I figured it out. Huge rookie mistake. I did not know the electrum server information for sparrow was in the Electrs app in Umbrel. It didn’t click. Thanks

Hi DarthCoin, if you can help I would be sooooooo grateful!

I have attempted to follow these instructions to connect PC and node on same LAN and I get the below response… I have tried everything to get Tor running as a service but for some reason no matter whos online advise I follow I can’t get the service to start so I’m back to trying to connect via umbrel.local

Could not connect:

Connection refused: connect

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Oh so you need to install and synch the electrs app first?

Yes. If you are trying to connect sparrow to your node using the electrum server tab, go to your umbrel dashboard, then the App Store. Install electrs. Then go into electrs, select the tor tab then use that onion address with port 50001.

Electrs on your node is what they call “Your personal electrum server URL”. That’s what confused the crap out of me. I was like, “ what server URL?” Lol

Did that work out for you?

Awesome cheers for that… just waiting for electrs to sync and then will see how I go!

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I’m getting the same thing as you.
on umbrel v0.5.1. Did you have any luck so far?

Yes Electrs is the way!

Damn… my electrs was syncing till 50%, then just jumped back to waiting for bitcoin network indefinitely.
Can’t connect via Sparrow or BW for that matter. Was kinda hoping someone might have found a solution for what I’m experiencing. I’m half thinking of jumping to try Citadel at this rate if I can’t get it working on Umbrel soon.

Hi Parallex!

We would just like you to know - you are not alone on this issue!

We are seeing an increased issue count for this exact issue, we are starting to see the possibility that the TOR network is being blocked/intentionally slowed down by the Internet Service Providers.

This answer by one of our community members may help!

"I have the same issue, turns out it Tor is way too slow here for me, so I’m just not using Electrs anymore. My only case for the Electrs was to connect Sparrow, but I can do that directly in Bitcoin Core, even so, doing this via Tor wasn’t work nice, takes a long time to just connect and sometimes not even connects, so I allowed local connections in the Bitcoin Core, and things went really fast and smooth.

After that I decided to take Fulcrum for a spin (installed on my desktop using initially the Bitcoin Core in my desktop too) and it is awesome, very fast, reliable and eficient. To sync took about 8 hours with some fine tunigs in the process, and when I connected Sparrow took only 2 secs to sync my wallet. After that I transfered the database files to a HD (the sync was made in a NVMe) and connected Fulcrum to Bitcoin Core in the Umbrel. All went fine… …Another advantage (at least for me) is that I will just copy the already sync database to Umbrel and skip all the sync time consuming step just like I did with the blockchain."


Hi Max,

Thanks for the note.
Unfortunately, I don’t think the issue i’m facing is due to TOR at all.
I’ve attempted to connect to Electrs direct via IP and it still doesn’t work.
Looking at the open listening ports via “ss”, it doesn’t look like 50001 is open at all either so it leads me to believe that Electrs is just stuck in limbo for some reason still trying to “sync” and never actually starting properly which generating fixed sized files in its db folder.

New Development

  • I decided to leave the umbrel up running for the next 24hrs and it appears that Electrs has disappeared from the Umbrel dashboard. The DB in the app-data folder has also vanished.
  • Yet, the umbrel logs still has Electrs showing - just at 0% memory utilisation.
  • Restarting Umbrel yields the same result.

Hello Parallex,

This isn’t intended behavior from the Umbrel system. Could you please provide us your logs for my software development team to investigate further?

Thank you,