Connect Sparrow -- Instructions assume I know something I don't

In the instructions for connecting my Sparrow wallet to my new UmbrelHome/BTC Node - it says
" * * If you’re already using Sparrow, go to Preferences > Server.

  • For Type, select Private Electrum
  • For URL, enter your Electrum Remote URL."

What is my Electrum URL??? Is this the IP address for Umbrel? (Which, currently is Dynamic, and I worry about this. See other Rqst for help.)


Upd: I just added Electrs… seems it has to sync (as it has a % counter). Then should I be able to connect with IP addr of BTC node OR maybe something provided by Electrs? (Seems to default to “umbrel.local” which doesn’t work. So… IP?)

IP is the only way it works for me