Cannot connect Sparrow to Umbrel

Hello! After syncing BTC and Electrs, I´m trying to connect Sparrow to my node using the following guide:

However, I´m quickly getting this error:

"Could not connect:

Failed to read control.txt"

Any ideas?
Running Umbrel on Raspberry Pi 5. Sparrow 1.8.2 (latest)

EDIT: Connecting to “Local Network” instead of “Tor” works however! Is this a bad idea or can I use that instead of Tor?

Are you running Tor on the host?

Great to hear you were able to get connected via your local network. The main disadvantage here vs TOR is that you won’t be able to access Sparrow with your node when you’re outside of home.
To resolve that I would recommend Tailscale

My bad, i had it running in umbrel settings but somehow it disabled after reboot. Now Tor is working in Sparrow!

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Great! I’ve found it extremely robust and reliable.

yes I’m having an issue connecting my umbrella node to sparrow also, getting the error msg
SOCKS: connection refused, I was able before I changed my node wallet address, that was different from the first address that was in the node connect window
any reason for this