Connecting Sparrow vs Bitcoin Core or Electrum

One question and one issue below:

Question: What is the difference between connecting your sparrow wallet to your node via bitcoin core (URL/USER/PW) and Electrum (URL)?

Issue: For some reason I can no longer connect to my bitcoin node via my electrum URL. Not sure what’s going on. I open my node > Connect > P2P (Tor) > copy Address > Sparrow properties > servers > electrum > paste URL > port 50001 > disable SSL

Won’t test. This isn’t a new node and has been connected to sparrow successfully in the past (aka yesterday). I have rebooted the node and verified up to date.

Note: the reason I asked the top question is because as I write this I’m trying the “bitcoin core” section and it seems to be “working” 40% scanned.

Under the Private Electrum tab I tried

URL = umbrel.local PORT: 50001

And it worked… is this less secure than using the onion address from my umbrel node?

Just giving this a bump. I’m still curious. Thanks

I’ve just started having the exact same issue. Connected to Private Electrm Server using Tor (which was working beautifully for about 2 weeks), then suddenly it stopped working the other day and now trying to find a way to connect Electrm via umbrel.local (following Darth Coin guide but not had any success) and also can’t find a way to connect to Bitcoin Core. Is becoming very frustrating…

I’m having similar issues and wanted to know if there are any fixes

By the way I’m a little new to umbrel

I also connect to my Umbrel via “umbrel.local” instead of via Tor and would like to know more about this.

Am I sacrificing any privacy when I do this?