Unable to connect Sparrow to Electrs via Tor

I have Electrs running on an Umbrel node, and am now trying to connect Sparrow wallet.

I copy in the TOR url from Electrs into the URL for ‘Private Electrum server’ in Sparrow settings → then click ‘test connection’.

I almost always end up with ‘Could not connect: Failed to read control.txt’.

Electrs claims to be 100% synced.

I have managed to get this to work once when using the local URL (umbrel.local) however even then I had some issues connecting at times.

I am using a different computer to run Sparrow - Umbrel is running on a Raspberry pi.

Can anyone help me with where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Tor is not optimal for use in the home network.
Your basically creating a circuit back into itself.
On my Sparrow setup I use the IP of my node and I do not have any issues.
If you want to use Tor you have to wait for cell creation and then a circuit back onto itself and into your house.
Also if you using a RPi its pretty demanding for all the tor circuits and its probably just timing out.
Ive had better luck just connecting and not running the test.

I recommend not using tor in your home network and using the IP of your Umbrel node instead.

It will most likely behave better if you were outside your local network but even then using a VPN is much faster.
Tor provides anonymity for your bitcoin node itself if you are allowing incoming connections You should force all traffic through Tor in that situation.
Hope that helps even if its not optimal for what you were asking

have a great rest of your weekend.