Restore 24 words based on umbrel-seed

I opened this issue recently: Umbrel doesn't start up anymore

I thought, the issues are fixed, but they aren’t. Apparently, the disk is corrupted and I’m trying to save my funds now.

The only things I could restore for now are the following:

The umbrel-seed file from the db folder
The channels.backup from two months ago

Does anyone know how I can get my funds back using those data? Is it possible to conver the umbrel-seed to the 24 words mnemoic phrase?

Help :-/

Hey @lamda I’m sorry you’re continuing to have this issue, and I assume we tried reflashing the MicroSD card again?

Out of curiosity what kind of SSD are you using, is it an external one or is it an internal one that plugs inside an enclosure first then into your Pi 4? Sometimes I’ve seen a quick fix to be replace the cable, try a different USB 3.0 port, or replace the enclosure that could save you some time…

As long as you have your 24-word seed phrase, you can recover funds back onchain on any new instance of Lightning Node app, that process is demonstrated here:

I’m happy to help with this just ping me or feel free to post in the Telegram group chat and ping me there too for realtime assistance!!