How to recover funds from the channels


My node crashed from a power surge i cant acces my old files from the ssd, reinstalled the node again from the scratch (latest version), i have entered my recovery seed, restored my funds from the wallet but i cant recover the funds from the opened channels becouse i have an old backup channel and that backup has only one channel and i dint work. How can i recover my funds ?

Thank you

Umbrel team might be able to help you out with back-up states.

Thank you for your answer, i used an old backup of the channels that i had the i think didnt had all the channels that i had open on the moment of crash (i forgot about that old backup) i also open some new channels again using lightning network+ website but i can`t use all of my sats : my Bitcoin Wallet 2,358,578 | Lightning Wallet
312,399 | Total Balance 2,670,977 and on thunder its showing Available 573,418 Pending 1,785,160… how can i fix this. I only can use thos 5xx out of 2.3mil of my bitcoin wallet. Thank you again

Hey @cdaniel you can share the backup ID and we can look into this for you and provide a backup file of the last channels that should be in a closing state

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Can i send you the id in telegram group ?


i have sent to usernameisJim

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