LND channel restore



I’ve lost access to my node. When I tried to login on Umbrel local it just got stuck. I’ve read up on a few post which all had 1 thing in common and that was to re-flash the SD card and start form scratch.
The issue was due to containers failure.
So I’m currently in the process of sorting that out, however I don’t have my LND channel.backup file. I did make backups from Thunderhub quite a while back. I’ve read on 1 of your posts that that will not work.

Will you be able to assist with the channel.backup? I don’t have access to my old umbrel system as i flashed it and did not copy the files over,

I’m quite new at all of this so it is quite confusing.

Thank you.

Hi again,


Can anyone assist with this issue. I’ve tried to load the backup on TOR and only some of the sat are visible now. The BTC that is on the main chain as not yet been visible on my wallet, I’ve downloaded Bluewallet and entered the seed as required but also not all the sats shows on that which was on the node before it crashed.

I see that some LND channels are still closing and this has been going on for around a week now.

I also picked up that there is a sat difference between the LND sats vs the Bluewallet sats.

Does anyone know how I can recover the BTC that was on the node?

I only have the seed phrase.

Thank you.