Need my channel.backup for restoring/closing channels after SSD failure

Recently my SSD died on my umbrel node. I’ve got a new drive which is now fully synched with the blockchain, but I need to restore all my channels/funds. I have a channel backup from December but had opened some channels in January, so hoping to get the absolute latest backup from the servers. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

@mayank or @lukechilds can help you

@mayank @lukechilds how can I directly contact you to provide you with seed/ID so I can get my backup?

Hey @Dlangeliers, feel free to DM me your backup ID (there should be an option on my profile here to message me) and the approximate date/time you want your channel backup file from (ideally the last date/time you think your node was online).

You can get your backup ID by running:

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local "cat umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep 'backup ID' | tail -n 1"

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Thank you for reaching out @mayank. @louneskmt was able to grab my backup and sent it over Telegram so I think I’m good to go. Thank you guys so much!

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Hi @mayank, I am curious here. How do you retrieve the latest backup ID if your node is bricked? Is there a comprehensive guide how to prepare and verify backups in case the nuclear event happens?

Good question. The backup ID is deterministically derived from your unique 24 words. So if your node is bricked, you could set up a new Umbrel with the same 24 words and it’d generate the same backup ID.

Thanks @mayank, so all you need to fully restore your bitcoin-wallet and lighting node plus proper balances in case your node bricks is:

  1. 24 words
  2. channel bakup file (which is hosted with the Umbrel team)
  3. The latest date of the channel backup file?

Two questions here: How do we know the latest date of the backup file(or is a range ok)?
Do we need the channel.db file for a full restoration?

Thanks for your time!

Here you have a guide about how to recover your funds from a dead node - there are many ways, pay attention to details, each method for a specific case.

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Thanks Lord DarthCoin.

Is it still possible to get a channel.backup from the server? After an SSD crash, I was able to restore the node with the seed, but now I’m still missing the channel backup… Where do I have to report so that I can have a backup from around mid-May 2022? In the chat on nobody answers me anymore…

Hi @mayank, I can’t seem to find a DM option in your profile. Can you please send me a message? I also need to create a new channel.backup file. Thanks

Hi Mayank. I need my node backup channel.

Hi @victor10081986

If your Umbrel instance is online, can you please go to the settings dashboard and select ‘START’ under troubleshooting.
You can download the log, and share it here, then we can send you the channel back-up.