How can I contact Umbrel Team for SCB backups?

My node has crashed. My umbrel was v 0.53 at the time of a crash (March this year)
I didnt have a time to investigate right away.
Long story short now I have manage to recover my Umbrel node.
It seams node recovery procedure described here
doesn’t work for me at least not for the channel recovery. I have manage to recover on chain balances with seed phrase but without SCB file I cant recover channel balances. The data on my old Sd card is unavailable and I didn’t save SCB backups.

How can I contact Umbrel team for SCB backup?

You can run this command to grab your backup ID:

cat ~/umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep 'backup ID' | tail -n 1

And can provide me your backup ID that populates

If you’re comfortable sharing it here or you can direct message it to me, or at anytime anyone can paste their request in the Telegram Help and Support Channel here if it is more convenient and we can also DM it to you there on Telegram too, the Telegram is a little better for quicker real-time assistance

It helps as well if you provide as close as you can the day you believe your node went down so we can give you the last backup that would have been generated

We never have access to your seed phrase but automated recovery makes it easy so all you need is your seed phrase on your side and your backup file populates, we can check the date and if a backup file exists and we can provide that to you on-demand

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Ok I have run the command and here is what I get:
“Successfully uploaded backup 1689639379472.tar.gz.pgp for backup ID 73091e4b779ae35a97bcb1d0488243d10a3b2d16fc981cadc449a7f0d774a0b6”
Last time my node was online
‎2023-03-12 21:34
Pls DM SCB backup if its ok with you. Thanks in advance!

I’ve direct messaged you your backup!

Thanks, I ve got SCB backup!
On upload I get:
“Unable to recover channel backup, unable to unpack chan backup: chacha20poly1305:
message authentication failed”

It may be that changes should be somehow rolled back due to my previous attempt to upload newer backup (when my node become online again) in attempt to force close the channels.

One interesting thing happened just now. On attempt to upload backups again I ve got
scrolling visual list (history of backups). It seams I’ve had newer backups March 20th 2:00 and I
manage to upload that file. It says something like successful upload it could take up to two days to
force close the channels. Will wait and see, I will inform about the outcome.

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Finally, my channels force closed and I’ve got my channel funds back to on chain wallet.
This should be valuable lesson for the importance of maintenance a proper SCB backups although it seams with Umbrel we doesn’t need it it anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support!

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You’re welcome @Dzonibu !

Let us know if you ever need anything

We also have the Umbrel Telegram Help and Support Channel for real-time assistance