Recovered Umbrel from seed, not showing on-chain or lightning funds

I recently (about a week ago) had a power outage which shut my Umbrel down unexpectedly and corrupted my hard drive (lesson learned, I have a UPS with surge protection now).

I recovered my Umbrel from my seed and it’s finished syncing the blockchain. However, I show no on-chain funds (which there should be) and no lightning funds (which again I should have some).

Any advice on recovering the on-chain and/or lightning funds? How do I get a copy of my channel backup (I never saved a copy… another lesson learned)?

In the Guides section of this forum we have a lot of guides, including how to recover a dead Umbrel node - 7 methods.
I personally recommend the method no 3, for a fast, clean and fresh recovering and also for having later a nice companion for your new Umbrel node.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. How can I get in touch with the devs to request a copy of my last channel backup? Is that a question for @mayank or @lukechilds ?

You didn’t have a manual copy?

or enter into your old node drive and find it here:

No, I didn’t download a manual copy and the old node drive was reformatted

I had a ssd crash and didn’t notice it for a while… I couldn’t copy a channel backup from the ssd anymore, and yes, like a real idiot I didn’t make a current backup myself… I was able to restore on chain funds thanks to trouble shooting but LN is still missing.
How can i contact devs to get a channel backup from the server which is already 2-3 weeks old?
Is that even possible?
Many thanks for the help