Will it be possible to have 2 x SSDs running in RAID-mode on the new Raspi 5?

I mean a hardware RAID (software RAID is not recommended from what I read here in this forum).
Looking for some kind of more safety against system failures and even an SSD can fail.

Yes, it’s possible.
But is it worth doing? To use as a node, definitely not.
Would you like to test it with a laptop? You should get better results.
Watch this video. You’ll need to enable subtitles.


Quite the opposite. Using hardware RAID runs the risk of burning out the controller and not being able to recover anything.
Software RAID, as long as you have the disks, can even burn the whole computer. It will run on a new operating system on another machine.
In addition, the RPi does not have hardware RAID capability.


I suppose on the Raspberry Pi 5 with the USBC power supply (which supports 5V, 5A (25W) operating mode), it may finally be feasible to run multiple drives reliably for software RAID, but not sure about burn-out.

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You can use a RAID box, it saves you a lot of configuration problems