Hardware suggestions for new node with raid 1

Hello everyone

Are there node operators who are using a (hardware) Raid 1 system and could perhaps describe which individual parts (Mainboard, CPU, Memory, Raidcontroller?) they have? I’m having a hard time finding the right system for me.

Thank you

I recommend you to just connect 2 drives and use a software raid. Hardware raid is not a good idea unless 1) you don’t care about data integrity, just uptime and performance 2) you have enough money to buy a good NAS or SAN with a proper management system.

Here is a good video explaining what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l55GfAwa8RI

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Ok thank you for the Information.

Something like this should do the job right?
This intel NUC supports raid 1 with an 2,5 Sata SSD + m2 Sata SSD.


IMHO yes, as far as it has support for both drives, it should be ok

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