Backup full node

Hey guys how are you doing?

I am using my node not only for lightining but photos server, matrix server, etc

Whats the best way to backup all that and be safe?

Please help me here

Buy another SSD and another mSD and backup both

Use a hardware RAID system.
RAID 1 = 2 disks
RAID 5 = min 3 disks with parity

I got it thanks but can I do all that via ssh?

Not sure you can do it with umbrel. Maybe this is a way to start.

Check this one
Also be aware:

  1. Raid is not backup and you will need similar disk sizes, it is just a faster way to be back in production if something happens
  2. Also traditional Raid is not the ideal situation nowdays, but works pretty much for the basics, check A RAID device still needs to be monitored for data corruption and disk failures, if not then is pretty much useless since the data will be gone way before we are aware something went wrong.

A interesting approach I’m using is replication over the network, just setup an rsync/rclone script to do incremental copies to an external storage in your network or attached and you are pretty much done. Check this one:

Also remember, with files, always copy then check & delete, never move

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Software RAID will always fail, in special with a RPi having the disks on USB ports.
Because of the amount of data that a node is transferring to disks you will always have a bottleneck with USB.
If you can’t do a hardware RAID (the motherboard must have a dedicated RAID chip), then is totally useless for a node.
You have been warned!

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