WiFi or Umbrel can't connect

Hello there Bitcoiners,

My node seems to have failed to connect to my network. Not sure when or how this happened so I’m looking for advice on how to fix it.

My setup has been through wifi and the ip and known hosts have always been finicky but able to resolve itself with wpa_supplicant.conf edits. However, after trying this multiple times I can never find my node connecting to my network using a ping scan “nmap -sn”.

Should I try to reinstall umbrel completely and restore since I cannot SSH or anything else to troubleshoot? If so, is there a reinstall guide or do I just follow the install over again?


Too low info. Is it a RaspPi? If so, attach a monitor to HDMI output and restart. If working, you may see IP.

Please connect your node with a eth cable, set a static IP (cable and/or wifi) and then you can access it easily.

L O … have you solved your Connectivity problem? I am newby and I am experiencing a non connection prblm as well

Yes. I was fearful of reflashing my node. At the time it wasn’t clear what that exactly entailed. I was worried I’d lose my data. To make a long story short. All the blockchain data is stored on the hard drive while the OS is reflashed on the sd card. Reflashing solved my problem.

I think that if your node loses power and shuts down improperly there is a chance that you will have to reflash the OS in order to get back up and running.

hi I know it is a while ago from last message - basically my node is on one server (dedicated) and almost every 2 months - I m loosing it @ its IPaddress.
So I turn off my pi and reconnect - wait a bit like 30mn and relog from pc or mac and tada - back on track

…untill my cellphone was stolen (and I had a A2F on it to log my node) that is where it became tricky … cause you cannot access at all - apparenlty I am still strugling within the ssh to clear that 2AF function …

So just as a reminder - BACKUP your sats wallet and channels - as in my case if I cannot go through with ssh - I’ll have to reflash from scratch my umbrel - doing so you loose all channels and eventually some sats from this operation :expressionless: