Umbrel.local refused to connect

I can’t access the Umbrel Dashboard.

When setting up, I go to "http://umbrel.local" and always get the same message, “umbrel.local refused to connect.”

I’m running on the following

  • Raspberry Pi 4, with all recommended hardware, official power cable, etc.
  • Raspberry Pi is connected via etherenet to router
  • Using SSD
  • I’ve tried mutliple browsers (chrome, safari, firefox) and multiple devices (laptop, phone) still, no luck.

Issue happens after booting up. Everything seems to work before then.

On the Raspberry Pi, text rolls through what looks like a terminal screen. Then I’m prompted for the umbrel pw - I use the moneyprintergobrr pw and it works.

Next I go to http://umbrel.local/ and always get the same message, “umbrel.local refused to connect.”

I’ve downloaded Angry IP scanner, as suggested and I do see umbrel.local, I then try using the IP address (in all browsers / devices listed above) with no luck :frowning: Same message, “umbrel.local refused to connect.”

I’m not able to get to the logs as I’m not able to get into umbrel.local

I’ve followed all troubleshooting advice here - Troubleshooting Umbrel

I’ve tried the sollutions in this similar thread - Accessing umbrellocal/IP denied…

I’ve tried 3 different wifi routers and I’m getting the same errors. Any suggestions?


So you are using Wifi connection instead of cable?
Try set an IP to your Pi, for the Ethernet connection not the Wifi and disable the Wifi.
It is also recommended to use Eth cable for IBD not Wifi.

Have you read the debug script and seen it reporting any issue, cuz I had an issue with sdd not connecting to my pi

@aarondewes - was something specific missing? I tried to follow the guidelines exactly, what did I miss?

@DarthCoin - I’m using Ethernet cables for both the raspberry pi and my computer trying to access http://umbrel.local/ no luck :frowning:


How did you fix this? I am having the same issue

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I can not open umbrel.local here as wel. Tryed to fix it for hours now true youtube video’s and others… no succes. I think my raspberry node is working but i see nothing. Can somebody help me please?

I didn’t tried fixing it but suddenly my pi was just dead and now run a linux pc with umbrel

My problem was pi was not seeing my ssd. It had power but not recognized. Bought a new ssd case/cable and that fixed it.

For the last two days, at about the same time in early afternoon, my unbrel.local has disconnected and I get a “this site cannot be reached” message on the web page. The only way to fix it is to hard boot the node. Anyone else know why this might happen and how to solve it?

Node running on Raspberry Pi v4
Laptop and node connected with ethernet
Using SSD

I have the same set-up as normie, but instead of having trouble logging in I’m unable to get to the log in screen. I’ve already found my ip address, and when I go to it I get the following message:

This site can’t be reached

http://redacted/ is unreachable.


I’m having the same issue. Followed all Umbrel setup instructions exactly (ethernet cable, no wifi), but can’t connect to umbrel.local or the node’s IP address. I’ve even tried reflashing the card but that did not help.

I see a solid red light on my Pi, and solid blue light and flashing pink on my SSD enclosure.

After not being able to connect to umbrel.local or the IP address, I connect a monitor and keyboard to my Pi and rebooted. I saw all the proper diagnostics and “Your Umbrel is up and running at:” and followed by Umbrel.local and IP address urls. Everything seems ok on the device, but I can’t connect with any of my home computers on the same network.

I’m unable to SSH into the umbel node either. I tried to login with the default moneyprintergobrr password and also with my personal password. Nothing works.

What to do?

[Last edit] I tried everything listed in FAQs and help pages, but nothing works. I gave my best effort to run a node and support the network, but I’ve spent too much time on this. It shouldn’t be this hard. If the goal is to get masses running nodes, the entire experience has got to be easier to follow and diagnose. I give up.


i’m having the same problem here. I’ve created an other topic called “Raspberry stops working without any apparent reason”.
Got a solid red light and no green light on the raspy, and a still blue and pink light on the SSD.
If I hit it with the good ol’ “turn it on and off” by unplugging it, it starts working for few time.
Waiting for help here too :pray:

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Very few information to analyse. Atach a monitor to the HDMI of your Raspberry, look if there is any message of “failed” process during boot.

@LoboGuara Very few information? Look at my post. I provided very detailed information. I even provided information about what my monitor says. Basically the monitor says the Umbrel is up and running (I even see Umbrel icon and QR code on my monitor).

For those having this issue, try rebooting your modem and router, not just the router.

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I am having the same issues but I know it’s not the Pi or those connections. It’s a software in the PC for me. It was running fine a while back and then I installed a software and I lost all connection. Removed the update and it worked again. Now I lost the Umbrel.local connection again but I can’t find the software that caused the issue. All other information about static IPs and all the rest is too complicated for me to understand but reading everyone else’s comments here and throughout the web, that isn’t the issue. Hope someone can figure out what kind of software would affect the Umbrel so we can get it fixed.