Umbrel no longer on network

My umbrel node randomly disconnected from my network. A few days ago I had a power loss, I’ve since hooked it up to a battery back up. It has worked fine for the last two days but this afternoon it is no longer on my network to be accessed. I cannot SSH into it either.

Is the only option to unplug the umbrel so it restarts?

No, that would be a bad idea, as it will guaranteed corrupt the data on the microSD card.

A few steps that you can do to find the IP address:

  1. Use Angry IP Scanner to find the node on your network (Download: )
  2. Login to your router’s control panel and find the DHCP binding of the node’s IP, if you’re not sure which one – unplug the ethernet cable for the node, wait for a few minutes then plug it back in, the IP address should show up using a new DHCP lease.

If nothing above works, please let us know then I’ll try to think of something else to do, as we know that we don’t want to cause any data corruption.

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The node does not show up in the angry IP scan. There also is not a reading in the router that the umbrel is actually connected. There isn’t an IP address for it.

update. It shows up in the router device list. There is an IPv6 address and a MAC address. I’m not sure how I can use those though.

That’s great news, so we’re getting somewhere now. Can you try accessing http://umbrel.local/ or it gives you an error? May you please share the manufacturer and model of your router? I’ll look into the manual and we can try assigning the node a static IPv4 address, so that we won’t run into this problem in the future.

I assigned it a fixed IPv4 and it shows up in the device list as off.

Router is at&t BGW210


Any other suggestions? Still cannot connect to my node.

Thank you.

I am not entirely sure at this point, so we have to wait for the Umbrel staff to see if they can figure out what’s wrong. I don’t want to make assumptions and then find out later that I was wrong.

Have you set the static IP address in the networking config on the node?

REF: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) “Setting a fixed address on the Raspberry Pi”

I set a reservation on my router and then modified the networking config on the node, and it’s done wonders for the issue I had where mine would run for ~24 hours then drop off the network. Only option was to reboot it as it was unreachable via the network.

Hope this helps.

In the end I had to unplug the system, re-flash the sd card and restart it. It’s been running great for the last month now

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@Angryyardgnome - That’s great news.

I’m curious; did you have any LN channels on it, and were you able to restore those as well?

I have 1 yes. It showed up with no issue upon reflashing

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