What's the default username and password for umbrel 1.1 on linux?

I was reading the article for boot up my umbrel on my machine, and I know that you say “If you have a display connected to your device, you might notice the umbrel login prompt in the terminal output. This prompt is for terminal access only. To use umbrelOS, there is no need to log in via the terminal” but I need to access my terminal to configure some network infos.

So what is the default username and password on umbrel 1?

Prior to setting up the username and password via the web interface, you can use “umbrel” for both UN & PW

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for first use without completing WWW wizard is login/password umbrel/umbrel, but after you complete WWW post installation and setup your password for access - this password is for terminal too (newly - login: umbrel, password: your password from www)

Thank you so much!

I was succesful after following your advice.