Wallets stuck "synchronizing" - Electrs failed

Hello, using Raspi 4 and my node went offline a few days ago. Wallets are stuck on “synchronizing”. I tried to go through all the support topics and in particular @DarthCoin’s information on re-indexing electrs which is where I think the problem is.
Reindexing electr db fails for me after block height 497740 or so, here’s what I get, I am stuck now and out of ideas:

indexing 2000 blocks: [497741…499740]
electrs | thread ‘p2p_loop’ panicked at ‘invalid message: OversizedVectorAllocation { requested: 4180364935530564935, max: 4000000 }’, src/p2p.rs:250:70
electrs | note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace
electrs | [2022-03-07T18:40:37.867Z INFO electrs::db] closing DB at /data/db/bitcoin
electrs | Error: electrs failed
electrs |
electrs | Caused by:
electrs | 0: sync failed
electrs | 1: failed to get block 000000000000000000c4e282ab0dcaaf4b774d7d83ac3f2125ed14167afbc108
electrs | 2: receiving on an empty and disconnected channel

I already updated the system and am running on the latest Umbrel. Any help is much appreciated!