Blockchain won't fully sync after running latest update

My Umbrel node running on a Raspberry Pi 4 (8 GB/1TB SSD) no longer fully syncs. Instead, it gets to within a few blocks of the highest block and then reverts back to a much older block (2-3 days prior) and tries to sync again. It’s been doing this in an endless loop for over two weeks now. The problem began after updating to 0.4.4 and I had hoped 0.4.5 would fix the issue, but it has not.

Do I need to fully restore the node from the backup seed? I have over 20 Lightning channels (backed up) that are currently down. What’s the best way to fix this?

Please check Umbrel troubleshooting guide
No need to restore your node.
Could be:

  • electrs is still indexing blocks (after 0.4.4 update electrs is re-indexing all blocks compacting the database, so be patient.
  • some error line in your lnd.conf file (check the troubleshooting guide for that)
  • check the logs see what is hanged.

Thanks. I solved it by doing a manual reindex of the blockchain and then installing the latest update from the repo. Everything is back to normal now.