Vaultwarden: finding the server url

Hi, I am trying to set up Vaultwarden and ran into an issue with the server url in the browser extension:
I used the Tor browser to open vaultwarden via the .onion url of my umbrel, created an account and added some passwords.
When I try to connect the browser extension to vaultwarden, however, I get the error “failed to fetch” when filling in either the .onion url of my umbrel or the one from the vaultwarden window (with and without port 8080) as the Server URL.
Also, I get the error “username or password is incorrect” when trying to put the .onion url of my umbrel or the one from the vaultwarden window (with and without port 8080) as the Web Vault Server URL. Of course, I checked the mail/pw several times and I can log into Vaultwarden via Tor browser with these credentials, but not the browser extension.

Can someone tell me where I can find the correct server url to connect my browser & phone?



I’m having the same problem although I get the error “The internet connection appears to be offline”. Can’t find a solution anywhere

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I’m looking for the same solution. How do you sync up Vaultwarden with your phone and browser extension?

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Haven’t found a way to do this unfortunately. Vaultwarden on umbrel only seems so be accessible via tor while at least the browser extension of bitwarden does not come with tor support. There is no guide / documentation anywhere and no help on the vaultwarden forum. I gave up on the project for now. If anyone finds out how to set this up, please drop me a line!

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Browser extension works only in Tor, not Chrome, Brave. You can setup Firefox to resolve communication via Tor:

Read this guide

On Android you must run Orbot, add Bitwarden app to the list of Tor enabled apps and switch VPN mode on. Before login to Bitwarden don’t forget to click on setting icon in the corner and fill onion address of your server. Same for browser extension.

Hey @Vilas1979 thanks for your reply!
As far as I can tell, this means that on Android I can simply tell the Bitwarden app to route its traffic via Orbot and have access to my PWs in all apps (which do not route traffic via orbot) while on PC, I have to route my full browser traffic via Tor to have the Bitwarden browser extension access the web vault?
That really sucks. I wish there would be a way to have the extension access the vault via tor while routing the rest of the traffic normally. I guess the extension would have to come with tor support to make this possible…

Exactly. Not sure for Firefox solution I linked. If all traffic goes through Tor or Firefox works as usual plus have ability access onion addresses.

Is it working for you, do you have any instruction?

Is anyone actually using Bitwarden to connect to Vaultwarden hosted on their Umbrel?

According to this discussion, Bitwarden requires HTTPS to connect to a self-hosted server, but the Umbrel implementation is only available over TOR.

Maybe I’m missing something, but the current implementation seems unusable.


Sadly no. I gave up on it in the end.
EDIT: Please let me know if you figure it out, though.

Yes, I use it. Is quite simple actually.
Install app, open it from Tor onion address.
Create account / database with whatever login you want.
Import all your password managers data into it (it supports vary).
Go to your mobile, install app, open Orbot - add Bitwarden app into VPN apps, start Orbot, wait to bootstrap.
Open Bitwarden app, put your node onion address, login (with previous account created).

(maybe I should write a guide about this, but is damn simple)

Hi, do you also use a browser extension on desktop (not moblie)? Getting the Chrome extension work was where it fell apart for me. Thanks.

I never use a shity extension and in special one for passwords. Those are violating the main reason a vault password exist. Is like inviting thefts into your house.

Cloud have just said “no” XD

DarthCoin we need your help, nobody besides you can make it work???

„Open Bitwarden app, put your node onion address“

I tried with umbrel tor adress or with vaultwarden address both did not work ?

Can you please help, I have tried everything.

What is so hard to understand?
EACH app in Umbrel will have its OWN onion address.
When you are looking to open an app in Tor, you have to open a different onion address and NOT the main Umbrel dashboard onion address.

Guys, onion address is the representation of each port used by each app in Umbrel. On Tor network THERE’S NO port, only onion address.

  1. Open Umbrel dashboard using your Umbrel onion address
  2. Go to apps and open Vaulwarden app, will open a new tab with ANOTHER onion address. Bookmark that address in your Tor browser
  3. Create and account. Will be stored in your local node database. This account is not any cloud Bitwarden account, is a LOCAL account!
  4. add your password items in there or import them from any other source or password manager. To import from other sources, go to Tools - import data.

To connect your mobile Bitwarden app, is almost the same procedure, use the onion address of your Vaulwarden (see previous point 2) to connect your mobile app to your node.

  1. Install Orbot and Bitwarden
  2. Start Orbot and add Bitwarden app in VPN apps list. Start Tor and wait until is bootstrapped. It is very important to wait to be 100% bootstrapped, otherwise it will NOT work.
  3. Start Bitwarden
  4. Put your Vaultwarden onion address in the settings, top left, in server URL (see previous point 2). NOT your Umbrel onion address!
  5. go back to main screen and login with your created account (see previous point 3).

Is not so hard guys, just pay attention to details.


I get exactly the same error.

Please help us DarthCoin

I tried it also many times. Find it strange with me I could not even enter over tor with my iphone to vaultwarden and on android I get the same error. How did you make it work?

Simple. I just explained in those steps. Nothing more nothing else.