Vaultwarden - some questions

When using Vaultwarden on Umbrel, is it true that it will only work over Tor?
On my Mac desktop I would only be able to use it via a browser that supported Tor?
Is there anyway to connect to my umbrel node on local LAN without Tor?

When using Tor many of the websites I would want to save passwords for do not work or have issues. So what am I missing here? I thought the point of Vaultwarden was to self host your password DB but I want to use it like I did for bitwarden or 1password to autofill and save passwords for normal websites.

Can someone ELI5 why and how someone would use Vaultwarden on umbrel?

You can use it also with Tailscale app from Umbrel

Can you connect to umbrel locally on the same LAN and use vaultwarden that way or does it only work over TOR? Why would anyone want a password solution that only works over TOR?

Yeah, I asked myself that too.

I’m trying to login to Vaultward using Tailscale from my phone --> Umbrel. However, I get an error that says the browser must use https to use the web vault when I try to login to the Vaultwarden. Is this a configuration issue? ]

My phone browser is standard Android Chrome browser.


Hi DarthDire!

Check to make sure that your browser site you are visiting starts with https://. If you are attempting to access http://192.168.x.x it will throw that error. If you are attempting to access https://192.168.x.x it will function correctly.


I have Tailscale running on umbrel and android. I can access Umbrel fine and login from my phone using the Tailscale IP (100.x.x.x). However, opening Vaultwarden from Umbrel and trying to login to Vaultwarden causes the ‘must be https’ error to be shown in the browser.

It may have something to do with how the browsers are handling the web vault of Vaultwarden. Any work arounds?

This is an interesting find! I will be forwarding this to my team and will get back to you once I have more information.

Hey DarthDire,

Good news, we have a resolution for you! The only way to use VaultWarden out of the box (currently) on Umbrel is to access Umbrel over its TOR URL
(on the settings page)

This should help - let us know how it goes!


Are there plans to add https support? Just over Tor makes it basically useless.

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Tailscale + Bitwarden app on Android or Bitwarden app on PC works. Just point it to your Umbrel in the settings.


How did you solve the https requirement?

Thanks @Vilas1979. I didnt realize there was a Bitwarden App which needed to be utilized with the Tailscale. I thought I could just Tailscale into Umbrel and access the Umbrel Bitwarden app from there.

@plu -->

  1. Download the Bitwarden app from the Android store or PC.
  2. Then click the gear symbol in the top right corner.
  3. Under “Self Hosted Environment”, enter the http://xxx.xx.xx.xx:yyyy for the “Server URL”
    a. xxx.xx.x.xx is the corresponding Tailscale IP of your Umbrel node
    b. yyyy is the Port corresponding to the Vaultwarden app when opened on the Umbrel
  4. Save the options
  5. Ensure Tailscale app is active on your phone or PC
  6. Log into Bitwarden app using using your Vaultwarden credentials
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Hello guys, did you solve the https requirement? Still got the issue here

I’ve installed Vaultwarden onto my Umbrel, have set up a new vault via TOR (not ideal when on a local network), and have downloaded the Bitwarden desktop application (for macOS). Unfortunately, there is NO setting within the desktop app to change the server settings. What am I missing here? For reference here is a screenshot of the options within the desktop settings:

It’s a region “drop-down” menu. The second option is “self-hosted”.

I can’t create a vault/account via my local network (via Tailscale) or via TOR, because in both cases the error message also appears there:

“This browser requires HTTPS to use the web vault”


What else can I do?

Additionally, install the Tailscale app. And use that to connect to your node directly without Tor. Much faster.

Search my posts for how-to.

I was able to setup the Vaultwarden and access to almost all my devices/browsers via Tailscale. BUT my main browser is LibreWolf and it blocks any extension that tries to communicate via HTTP instead of HTTPS. I tried adding exceptions to try and let the application accept a HTTP connection but without success. So for now I’ll keep using regular until they add HTTPS support to access Umbrel :frowning: