Umbrel & Vaultwarden setup with Android device [solved]

I just installed/configured Vaultwarden on my Umbrel according to these instructions: Vaultwarden: finding the server url


  1. Installed Vautwarden from Umbrel’s from App Store
  2. Open Umbrel settings and copy out the onion url (this is for umbrel, itself)
  3. Launch Tor browser and navigate to that onion url.
  4. Login to umbrel and launch Vaultwarden app. This will launch a new tab with the new onion address for this new port (each port app gets it’s own onion address in Tor)
  5. Add logins to my vault.

Next, on my phone, I installed Bitwarden and Orbot.

  1. Open Orbot and make sure Bitwarden is using Orbot’s vpn
  2. Copy the onion url of the new tab containing Vaultwarden from #4 above.
  3. Click the gear icon on Bitwarden login screen
  4. Paste in the onion url from #2.
  5. Attempt to login by entering my account email address.

Get error: We were unable to process your request. Please try again or contact us.

But I hadn’t even entered my password, so I’m not sure what it was trying to do…

After entering my password, and after a LOONNNNGGG time, it errors with a message:

An error has occurred.
Exception message: The operation was cancelled.

When pasting in the onion address into the Bitwarden app it prepends an “https” to that address.

When I removed the “s” in “https” it worked!

Update (using Tailscape)

  1. Install Tailscape from Umbrel AppStore
  2. Configure Tailscape accordingly and copy out the ip address it creates
  3. Install Tailwind onto your Android device and ensure it is “Active”
  4. Launch Bitwardn android app and paste that Tailwind ip as the Bitwarden vault address (gear icon on login screen) (http and not https)
  5. Add the port for the Vaultwarden app. It will be the same port as #4 in first sequence above.
  6. Login to Bitwarden and sync the passwords

This works.

Note that after entering your email address, it will give you an error message. But that’s before I entered the password. After entering the password, it worked fine.

Note that Tailscape creates secure tunnels between devices. In my case, my laptop is one, my umbrel is another and my phone is a third.