Bitwarden Desktop App

Continuing the discussion from Vaultwarden: finding the server url:

Any tips on getting BitWarden desktop app to talk to VaultWarden on Umbrel?

I’ve tried entering the Vaultwarden onion address

Clicking “Log In” results in “Failed to Fetch” error.

From what I understand, Bitwarden will only connect to a self-hosted server over HTTPS, therefore it obviously wouldn’t be possible to connect directly over the local network, even if the port was open.

Has anyone else found a solution or a workaround?

You basically need to tell Bitwarden that it needs to route traffic over SOCKS5 for it to communicate over TOR. To make it work, you need to open up a TOR browser and make it connect. Once done, you need to run Proxychains to open Bitwarden and tunnel all traffic over TORs proxy.Here’s how I did it on Windows.

Download Proxychains:

There’s also a version (unsure if it’s the same developer) available for Linux.

I extracted it and just put it on my root at C:\Proxychains . Open proxychains.conf and append the following at the very bottom:


socks5 9150

This is assuming that your TOR browser opens up the connection over 9150 (most default configurations)

I created the following batch file

cd c:\Proxychains

Start proxychains.exe -f proxychains.conf "C:\Program Files\Bitwarden\Bitwarden.exe"

Obviously change the paths to fit your needs.

Once TOR is open and connected, run your batch file and it’ll open Bitwarden. You should then be able to log in with your TOR URL.

Once done, close Bitwarden and it’ll auto-close the command prompt running Proxychains with it. You can then disconnect from TOR if you wish.

After you initially log in and download your passwords to the desktop app, you’ll always be able to log in and see those passwords. However, if you add a new password to Vaultwarden via browser (or to the desktop app, it won’t sync between the desktop app and Vaultwarden until you connect to TOR and proxychain Bitwarden.

For Android, Orbot is your best bet. Same theory as above is taking place when you use Orbot.