Use my electrum node with other wallet looks like not working

I’m new to Umbrel but not to Bitcoin. I did have my Umbrel 100% sync for a couple of days now. I did my first lightning channel test, still not 100% clear for me but I’m learning.

However what is not working is to use my custom node with other wallet. I tried Simple Bitcoin Wallet (SBW) with tor option enabled, it reconize my node address as onion but it always says offline with my custom node, with random node it works with or without tor.
I tried Coinomi with Orbot to run it with tor and again, impossible to go online with my custom node, while it works with random one. On desktop I use only Terzor suite and it’s supporting Tor (with Tor Browser running of course) but custom node are not implemented yet (should be soon apparently).
Am I doing something wrong or are the wallets I use not compatible?

You have to take in consideration these aspects:

  • each wallet type will use a specific type of connection with a node
  • Tor browser is a just a browser, is not a wallet connection
  • Tor service is a service as a proxy and is used by apps to connect through Tor network
  • Tor browser is NOT a service and Tor service is NOT a browser
  • To connect each type of wallet, go to Umbrel - connect wallet and select the type you need
  • to connect a wallet to your node will NOT use your Tor onion address for the main access to your Umbrel dashboard. Each access have its own onion address.

Thanks for your replay, I know quite well how tor and tor browser work, I have been using it for years.
I know as well that each service have a different onion address and use the Electrum address given as “other wallet” from the list as my wallets are not in the list directly.
I have try to connect BlueWallet android but I never used this wallet before, I have to create a new wallet and do my backup first, also the BlueWallet android app seams to be quite unstable, it freezes and crash a lot and is very slow to start on my device. Also it looks like it has some difficulties to connect with my own node, I followed the exact setup from Umbrel with the app in Umbrel and both QR code to copy the two different onion addresses (Electrum and lightning).

By the way, I find SBW extremly fast and simple and it’s directly in F-Droid as well, maybe it would be nice to have SBW added in the list, I can see with the dev if he is interested, not sure how it’s decide which wallet are in the list or not.

SBW use rpc connect. You will find the details in “connect wallet” - RPC

Can confirm, Blue wallet crashes and freezes a lot when configured against my Umbrel.

I think I get a successful usage 1 out of 5 times. Hope they improve tor integration!

OK that’s too bad. So what’s working nice with Umbrel? The purpose of LN is to be able to make and receive fast and cheap payment so mostly for usage on mobile or to pay with mobile by scanning a QR bill on screen. Also incoming LN payment notification would be expected from a user point of view, so far it doesn’t look like to have this in BW neither SBW.

I’m in contact with SBW dev, maybe he will help to use his wallet with Umbrel.
What else is possible? Samurai?

What other are using?

Probably small consolation only… But lightning and btc transfer to/from Umbrel directly work very well.

The tor hidden service to Umbrel is very solid as well so works for remote access.

Not as good as a native mobile app… But a decent workaround for now…

Yes I figure out that it’s maybe the best way to use LN with Umbrel at the moment. But that’s a pity, I planned to prepare wallet for family and friend to use that connect to my Umbrel node but it doesn’t look quite robust enough and UX friendly yet.
So best solution at the moment to use LN for a “normal user” without bothering about managing a node, creating inbound and outbound channels, is custodian wallet only. I was really thinking it would be possible much easier.
I will continue to investigate the possibilities.

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I’m still discovering the Lightning Network and every day I’m amaze about the possibilities.
So I figure out that Zap can perfectly use the LN wallet from Umbrel, but still it might not be ideal if you end up with a quite large node as this simple app will have a lot of control over the node and access to all its sats in the main LN wallet.
Zeus is working really fine as well and give also control of the on chain wallet, which is very cool but even more dangerous. Zeus doesn’t offer a native way to get the app lock, my ROM offer to protect any app by fingerprint, that the bear minimum.

So at least, even if not ideal from a security point of viewz there is a easy and flow less way to use LN with the main LN wallet.

I also tried LNbits. It’s also amazing, beyond my expectations. Not as safe as a classic wallet with a seed as the private key (or at least what is use to secure the LN wallet generated) is all in the URL. From a security point of view it’s far from ideal, browser might keep it in history, or wrist in Google account history for Google users on Chrome (quite a lot of people). Also someone could see the URL, some app could screenshot it or whatever. But the purpose is not to secure more than a few hundred thousand sats or so I would say it’s OK if the user is informed about the limits and security.
By the way I didn’t read carefully and burn a couple of (empty) wallets before I figure this out.

So now I have a way for family and friends to get a wallet from my node but they might want to access it from an easy and clean app. I was hoping that zap would work but not. And even of Zeus if marked as working I didn’t manage to connect it to a wallet from LNbits so far, I will try again.
I also tried with BlueWallet, at least it connect but so far I’m very unsuccessful with BlueWallet, once I connect to my Umbrel node, it starts freaking out by a lot of freeze and crash. There is even a few sats in BlueWallet that I still didn’t manage to get out as it crash and give error as soon as I try to send them.

I’m progressing and I love it so far, hope to solve my few issues and define various use case and scenarios and how to manage them at best.