Impossible to connect wallets to lightning node

Do you know how to connect android wallet to your node? I tried also with electrum server umbrel app and many apps, no way to work, locally or on tor.
Tried blue wallet, electrum, phoenix, ecc, no way
I’m on latest Umbrel 1.1.1
Thanks a lot

Can you describe the ways you tried?

I tried to use rest, gRPC (lightning node umbrel app), electrum tor server (electrs umbrel app) with tor or local network.
The only way to work seems to be electrum server via tor on phoenix app, but it takes a lot of time to connect and disconnect continuisly

I would suggest downloading Tailscale from the app-store, and on any of your other devices.
Then, when connecting to wallets you can use umbrel.local instead of a TOR .onion address. I would also suggest using REST instead of gRPC for most wallets.

I don’t need to download tailscale, i already have a vpn, but id doesn’t connect with umbrel.local:port

Just to clarify Tailscale is not just a VPN, it also allows private tunnelling which is the feature you would use for the above.

Ok i tried but it doesn’t work with umbrel.local
Tried with tailscale ip, phoenix ask to trust the certificate then fail to connect
On bluewallet with tailscale ip no SSL seems to work