Creating a channel to my umbrel from my phone

I have tried using the Eclair mobile wallet and Bitcoin Lightning Wallet to create a channel to my umbrel lightning node and with both wallets I get a generic “failed to connect to…” error message.

Should this work? Is there something more I need to do?

Both wallets are funded with bitcoin and I am pasting the node uri from unbrel into the correct place in the mobile wallet.

Both mobile apps should work behind Tor, otherwise will not be able to connect to your Tor Umbrel node.
Tor and clearnet are total different networks.
BLW was replaced by SBW (simple bitcoin wallet) and I suggest you to upgrade.
You will need to use Orbot Tor VPN for both apps.
Take a look also into Blixt node mobile wallet, is a very good companion for your Umbrel and you can open Tor channels to your umbrel with built in Tor connection