Bitcoin Wallet and Lightning Wallet never sync

I set up my Umbrel node last week and the blockchain finally reached 100% sync a couple of days ago.

However, all that I see for the Bitcoin Wallet and Lightning Wallet is an endless “Synchronizing” message. I can’t access them in any way.

I also tried installing the apps BlueWallet and Lightning Terminal, and when I try running them I get the following error:
umbrel.local refused to connect (for umbrel.local:3008 [BlueWallet] and umbrel.local:3004 [Lightning Terminal])

I have no idea why these apps can’t open a port on my umbrel node - all the other apps work just fine - so I’m thinking this might have something to do with my problem.

For instance, mempool runs on port 3006 and the RPC explorer runs on 3002 just fine. Specter runs on 25441, again no issues.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues with getting the Bitcoin/LN Wallets activated on Umbrel? I can’t see any obvious fix from a google search or from these forums (or Reddit).

I’ve tried using the lncli command to interact directly with the LND.

When I try doing lncli getinfo or lncli version it doesn’t produce any output at all.
I also tried doing lncli create to create a wallet but it hangs until I force-exit with ^C.

The Umbrel status page says that LND and Bitcoin core is running yet I cannot interact with LND at all.

Does anyone have any ideas? :pray:

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Exact same issue here!

These 2 included wallets initially did sync when I first installed umbrel & downloaded the blockchain.

however, neither sync at all now.

common issue?
is the tor network being overloaded?

ive tried turning off the pi / tried rebooting it / it just never syncs those wallets now.

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