Unlock wallet where?

Is there a simple web interface for unlocking wallet? This just hangs in SSH $HOME/umbrel/bin/lncli unlock

nothing obvious says unlock wallet.

RTL shows:
Fetching Info Failed! wallet locked, unlock it to enable full RPC access

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You will need to run the debug log to dig more what is going on.
Normally the unlock process is done automatically by Umbrel, once you login into dashboard.
So could be some corrupted file that do not let that process to happen.
please login ssh and run:
~/umbrel/scripts/debug --upload
Then at the end of the log you will find a link where the log was uploaded and just post here the link (don’t paste the whole log here).
Also yopu can try to debug yourself looking into the log, is very intuitive and also you have a tab DMESG about hardware issues. Take a look there too.

A bunch going on in this log. Hoping someone can spot something!

Ughh that first line doesn’t sound good
Sep 24 20:32:30 umbrel umbrel startup[1130]: cat: /home/umbrel/umbrel/db/umbrel-seed/seed: No such file or directory

@mayank or @lukechilds please can you give us here a hint?