Umbrel is still synchronising after update V0.4.2


My Umbrel dashboard is still sync after two weeks. The fields remain empty once I have logged in. I have restarted it two distinct times via the Settings option, to no avail. The issue remains. all this hapened when I synced the V 0.4.2.

I`ve already reflash the SD, but no working.

• On what device : Raspberry Pi
• How is your Umbrel connected to the Internet : Ethernet
• What type of drive you are using : SSD



Please follow the instructions from this Troubleshooting manual , the point where it says “after update user data is not accesible”


I`ve already entered using SSH into my node and run (sudo nano ~/umbrel/lnd/lnd.conf), but the line (protocol.anchors=true) didnt is in the file.

run the debug log with -upload option. See the troubleshooting manual.
Look into that logs what is hanging.

I`ve already run the debug log with -upload option. but nothing wrong apparently

This script could not automatically detect an issue with your Umbrel.

Please share the following links and paste it in the Umbrel Telegram group ( so we can help you with your problem.

I found this error: but I dont knok how to solve it.

lnd | 2021-09-26 13:50:19.705 [ERR] RPCS: [/lnrpc.Lightning/GetInfo]: wallet locked, unlock it to enable full RPC access
lnd | 2021-09-26 13:50:24.708 [ERR] RPCS: [/lnrpc.Lightning/GetInfo]: wallet locked, unlock it to enable full RPC access

That is just a standard end up line, doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.
Did you read the whole log?
In the same log, you will find the link to where was uploaded the log.
Please post that here.

Your wallet is locked. See the lnd logs.
wallet locked, unlock it to enable full RPC access
You could try SSH into Umbrel
cd umbrel
~/umbrel/bin/lncli unlock

But not sure if this will fix it.
Locked wallet is a strange situation, because normally the wallet is unlocked once you login into Umbrel dashboard with your password.

no, that didn’t work, it’s still the same.

@mayank or @lukechilds I see some other users here with the same situation.
I know that the wallet it get unlocked when the user login into dashboard, but for some reason, sometimes don’t.
What is the procedure in this cases?

Sorry about the issue @ColBitcoin. We’re aware of the “wallet locking” issue that a few users are currently facing and we’re still investing it. Unfortunately, we don’t really have a resolution at the moment.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted once we figure out the issue along with the fix and get back to you. In the meanwhile, if you don’t have any funds on your node, we could try resetting your wallets and see if that helps. Let me know!

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Thanks, but unfortunately I have funds and open channels, than I`ll wait.

Might as well tell your peers if you have lightning channels opened so they don’t close the channels

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that’s a great idea , thanks.

any update on this? how to unlock lnd wallet. i wonder if this has something to do with a lnd.conf error. maybe a typo within the file when i last made a change. jsut cant find anything wrong with it