Locked LND Wallet v0.5.3

Hi all.

Debug logs indicate LND wallet is locked.
Symptoms are Lightning wallet will not open, and RTL advises unable to connect to node.

I have checked the troubleshooting guides, however neither option 1 or 2 work:

I’m wondering if the commands are different now that the version is relatively new and the doc would have been written for an older version?

Any pointers appreciated.

Update for others who have same issue.

Unlocked LND wallet, but still same issue.
I have since realised the issue seems to be RPC connectivity to bitcoin core.

No luck finding the bitcoin.conf file so unable to change or correct it there.
Decided to start deleting and start again. Got all the way down to bitcoin only, and my local Sparrow instance still won’t connect.

Pondering deleting bitcoin core as well, but really hoping to not need to resync entire chain.
Will update more when known.

So with no visible alternate solution, I have had to delete Bitcoin app and resync blockchain.

Yes it works, but there must be a better way.
IBD took approx 36hrs, then re-established LND wallet, and now recovering channels.