Unable to sent BTC from umbrel

Hi Gents, i have an issue to sent BTC from my umbrel BTC wallet.
I checked that btc is synced but i am not able to send any transaction (system show me 0 to withdraw)

umbrel-1692431952166-debug.log (24.4 KB)

Any advise please?

Hi @Sphere, what error does the app give you when you enter the amount manually and try to send to the address you want?

It will not allow me enter code manually. Only 0

Interesting, and do you have any lightning channels open?

No. But i was able to send btc from external wallet to umbrel btc wallet by generating receive address and i am not able to withdraw from umbrel wallet to external wallet.

Also this umbrel lnd was eecovered from seed and it is not a new one.

any advice what to check? i am strugling a have some satoshi in wallet.

What you can try is restoring with another wallet like the ones listed here How to restore your node wallet (updated) (ie Zap Desktop), using your seed phrase