Bitcoin Wallet not sending transaction

After having loaded an Old Casa node wallet from seed into Umbrel Raspberry Pi set up, and started the recovery process to close open LND channels, I find that my Bitcoin balance is correctly displayed in my wallet in Umbrel, however I cannot send the funds to another wallet outside of Umbrel. After putting in amount to send and address to send to, and confirming it, after some minutes I get an error message that transaction failed.

You have the same error like in this post?

Then is about the LND bug from v 0.13 - anchor output

I’m not having trouble with LND, at least not yet. I’m giving it some time for channels to close. If I continue to find that I cannot send out from my Bitcoin wallet, I’ll probably end up creating a new Electrum wallet from the CASA seed, and then moving funds from there to wallet of my choice.

Hi @DLEllis,
I’ve an old Casa as well. My Umbrel node is synced with the blockchain. Casa node is online also. How did you, with the Casa seed-phrase, loaded the Casa wallet amount to the Umbrel node? And what did that do with your umbrel seed-phrase?

Thanks JW

Worked just fine. It took about 48 hrs. To confirm and force close all lightning channels. As soon as I was able to send all funds out to another wallet, I deleted the Umbrel wallet and created a new wallet. Have now funded my new Umbrel wallet and opened new lightning connections, and everything is working good

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