Funds Stuck on Umbrel

When trying to withdraw BTC from umbrel I keep getting this error…

Unable to send coins, unable to broadcast sweep transaction: transaction rejected: output already spent

The transaction list is not the same between my wallet on Umbrel and BlueWallet so balances are different. Umbrel says sync is complete for chain and Electrum. Any suggestions?

Hmm, are you sending from Lightning Node app onchain (as opposed sending Lightning/offchain) to BlueWallet or somewhere else? Did you restore the same seed on BlueWallet already to confirm?

Let me know any other details you feel comfortable sharing and can try to further troubleshoot, feel free to share a screenshot as well.

So I was able to access my funds. I had to consolidate my UTXO’s from my Umbrel. For some reason, when I import the seed phrase into a compatible wallet, it doesn’t sync all transactions? Any idea why that would be out of sync now?

Here is the SSH command I used to consolidate my UTXO’s…Umbrel changed the location of the lnd.conf file since V0.5 so this has the updated location

sed -i "s/\[Application Options\]/\[Application Options\]\nreset-wallet-transactions=true/g;" ~/umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd/lnd.conf && sudo reboot