Unable to connect to umbrel node

I cannot connect to my node through umbrel.local (Server stopped responding Error) or SSH into it. Also I tried connecting too it through the onion tor browser With no luck. On Fing app I can see it’s still connected to my router and it says it’s online. I cannot send lightning funds out of a connected lightning wallet (linked to my BlueWallet and node). Also I can’t even make an invoice on that connected lightning wallet to my node. I’m pretty new to this and I’m using an iPad. Did my node just crash? Not sure where to start.

After some help on Plebnet I was told after doing everything else to SSH in to my node to do a power reset. After that everything worked.

@chilman Can you explain how you managed to SSH into your node when it wouldn’t allow you to SSH in (as mentioned in your first post)?

I could not SSH into my node at all. After several attempts of using my username, IP and umbrell@umbrel.local. So I just did a hard power reset. For example unplugged and plugged back in my node and it came back online and I could log into it through a browser and also SSH into it. Hope this helps. Cheers

always start with Umbrel troubleshooting manual

@chilman Makes sense. I was forced to pull the plug as well. Thanks.