Connecting remotely with Tor - cannot get through

Hi guys. I just got Tor on my iPhone and started connecting remotely to my Umbrel node. First day it worked just fine but next day I cannot get connected. Browser just gets frozen and cannot establish the connection. Do you have an idea, why ?

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I am having trouble with Zap wallet connecting to the Tor/Umbrel myself.
I even tried to activate a mobile VPN on the iPhone to change the network environment because I was at home when attempting to connect (same network as the Umbrel Raspberry Pi).
Didn’t get through. And using a tor browser would be so hasslesome to do simple Lightning Txs.

What’s the best practice for using Lightning on iOs connecting to my personal Umbrel/Tor?

[EDIT 16SEP 04:07 GMT]
I tried again now to link the ZAP/iOS via the QR code with the Umbrel wallet. It took 20sec but then it connected correctly to the node and shows me my channels and balances. I guess sometimes the connection via Tor just isn’t reliable and yesterday it simply “didn’t want to connect at all”.

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  1. Throw away that iShit. Seriously we are in 2021 and people still walking around with iSpy on their pockets is pathetic. In special for bitcoiners.
  2. buy a decent android phone and install CalyxOS or GrapheneOS or LineageOS.
  3. Be happy to use whatever app you want in a safe way.

Thanks for your reply @DarthCoin. Your ultra-blunt tone is amusing :blush:

I will experiment more to find a more reliable solution for connecting to my Umbrel remotely.
-> I think the culprit is probably the Tor connection which negatively impacts the connection success rate.

If anyone uses an iOS Lightning app which works well with Umbrel/Tor, please do share your recommendation here.

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Apple do not want Tor on their devices. Is by design, they hate privacy. You never ask yourself why?
Not Tor connection is the problem here. Is your iShit device.
I am really serious here. No joke.


I got it right finally. Need to install and use TOR BROWSER (not Tor VPN) i.e. application without VPN. I can operate my Umbrel note through it remotely without problems.