Can’t send to node lightning wallet


I try to send funds from bluewallet to Umbrel node lightning wallet.
This however fails with error:

This however should not be the case…

My Bluewallet is configured to use my Umbrel node now, but it did not work before that either. If there would be channels issue it should say path not found or similar, correct?

What I am missing or is something just set wrong?

I tested send to my friend having my Umbrel configured on my Bluewallet and it worked without an issue.

Should I be seeing this transaction in ThunderHub or in Ride the Lightning… just to validate that it actually passed trough my node?

Okay I have now opened few more channels and today I where able to send funds to my nodes lightning wallet.
Firs inbound channel where purchased from It seemed not to work… this is private one, but as far as I have understood it should still work. Am I wrong?

Second what makes me wonder is that when I do transactions with my Bluewallet it doesn’t show on my node… why is that? I toughened when I configure Bluewallet to use my node it would go trough it… what I have misunderstood or is something set wrong?

Oh how stupid of me… I should have read more detailed… what I used was my old lightning wallet. When I created completely new lighting wallet and transfer there I can see transactions. Duh!

Okay… but question with LNBIG channel remains. Should that have been working, even it is private?
I see that those transactions what I have been done now have chooses different route,