Unable to connect my Blue wallet with my bitcoin node

Hello everyone, I don’t know if this question is already answer, if so please can someone forward me ?

I am a newbie regarding bitcoin nodes, but I started my journey.

  • Bought a raspeberry pi 4 8gb and installed Umbrel. (p.s. one thing that I notice is that all the tutorials that I saw at least in Youtube seems like they are using older versions of Umbrel so the front end is a bitdifferent).
  • Downloaded the full bitcoin node.
  • After that I funded my Blue wallet with bitcoin, and created another one for lightning and funded it also.

But now I am a bit lost, seems like I need to have a Electrum server, so I installed Electrs, from my understanding I need it to connect my wallet to my node correct?
However seems like it doesn’t do anything I am having the message "Waiting for Bitcoin Node to finish syncing"

Is this app working properly?
Does anyone know any easy going tutorial, or updated step guide?

Best Regards,


From my understanding, it is not working properly.

It’s either a Bluewallet issue or an Umbrel issue. I highly suspect the latter based on the fact all my devices with Bluewallet installed have stopped successfully connecting to my Umbrel ever since the Umbrel update which split the OS into these separate apps. The Umbrel devs have made the instructions for how to connect each app/service to the node excessively confusing since the update too.

Zeus has become ever increasingly unreliable too both via Tor and Tailscale.