Unable to connect BlueWallet to Bitcoin Node

I’ve had my node running (Umbrel on RaspberryPi) for a week or so now. It has synced. However the interface I have is different to that shown here (Umbrel: How To Run A Bitcoin Node - Parts, Assembly and Software Installation - YouTube @22:30). I have a “Bitcoin Node” app that looks similar in its interface, but does not show the wallets (see screenshot).

I’d like to ultimately run the node as a Lightning node, and so therefore I need to connect a wallet to it. Using the “Connect” button and using the credentials with BlueWallet, I’m unable to connect (Network → Electrum Server). It won’t take Tor connections, and I get an “Alert: Cannot connect to the provided Elctrum Server”. I tried RPC and P2P, both on Local Network. Where am I going wrong?

Use Electrs app to connect to blue wallet. Also works with Sparrow from my testing

Thanks, I used Elektrs and turned off ssl, it connected successfully. Nevertheless the interface for the “bitcoin node” remains the same. In the “Lightning Node” in the bitcoin wallet there are sats, which I want to use to open up a lightning channel (so need to transfer to the Lightning wallet). That’s the end aim.