Struggling to connect to Blue Wallet

So my node has been running for around 48 hours, I have tried to connect my node to my BW however when I try to connect up to the Electrum Server by following the instructions on Umbrel and scan the QR code it is just searching…I have been able to connect to Zeus without an issue. Does anyone no why?

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The guides section of this forum is to be consulted.

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Hi I have followed the guide and I have followed the following instructions:
d. Connect your BW mobile app with your node. Open the section “Connect wallet” and open Bluewallet instructions. Open your BW mobile app and follow those instructions, step by step:

** in BW, go to Options – Network – enable Tor. Take a test. Restart BW (indicated by force close)*
** in BW, go to Options – Network – Electrum Server. Scan the code of the address of your Electrum Server (onion) and the port 50001. Make a test. Restart BW. This option will allow you to have also onchain wallets that use your own node as SPV server (Electrum Server) and all the communication will through your node. Remember, these are now wallets that “reside” on your noide, are just standard BIP39 onchain wallets and are NOT LN wallets.*

However when I select the Electrum Server and scan a copy of the address it just keeps trying to update and does not seem to connect, I have tried this multiple times, any advise?

Is your Electrum server working?
Is the index finished?
Can you connect with Electrum desktop to your node?
Did you BW is running correctly through Tor? Did you tried using BW with Orbot instead of integrated Tor?

Is your Electrum server working? How do I confirm this? On the BW it is currently connected to the Electrum.bitaroo server.
Is the index finished? How do I confirm this?
Can you connect with Electrum desktop to your node? I have not tried this yet
Did you BW is running correctly through Tor? Did you tried using BW with Orbot instead of integrated Tor? Yes I tried this

What is weird is that it connects to my lightning node but not the main node, yet it does not show any transactions on my BW app…

What do you mean by that?
Did you read carefully the guide I just told you to read? It is explained very clearly there what is a LNDHUB wallet. I think you still don’t understand the difference.

So it connected to the LNDHUB, however did not connect to my BW node. This is still an issue, which I can’t seem to fix. I understand that the LNDHUB connects to my lightning node and that is what I was hoping I would be able to do with the main node but I am not able to, maybe I missed something?

Just wondering if you had any other ideas why I would not be able to connect to my Umbrel Node? Thanks again for your help

I think you still don’t make the difference between the 2 types of connections BW mobile app can have with your node:

  1. connect to your electrum server, that runs in background on your node, is a service that provides just access to blocks and you can broadcast txs with your node, from a BW mobile app.
    For this connection you use the instructions from “connect wallet - bluewallet or electrum”.
    This connection is used only for your onchain BW wallet (not LN, not umbrel node wallet)

  2. connect to your node BW Lightning LNDHUB. This is not a node, is just a database on top of your LN node, that you can create LNDHUB wallets managed by this LNDHUB. This connection it doesn’t work if you do not connect first to the electrum server of your node and also through Tor.
    For this connection, you need to open the BW Lightning app and scan the QR code for your LNDHUB server.
    This connection will use ONLY your Umbrel LNDHUB (no BW servers).

Thank you for the response, however when I try to connect my BW Wallet to my Bitcoin node it still keeps searching without connecting and I have no idea why…Can you help?

When you say “connect to my bitcoin node” what do you mean?

  • connect to your electrum server?
  • connect to BW LNDhub?

Are two different aspects, but both of them works ONLY through Tor. So if you Tor connection is not ready, you will never be able to connect.

It is when I try to connect to my electrum server, my Tor connection is started through my BW app and I have scanned the QR code, however it just keeps searching

Try not using integrated Tor in BW, but use instead Orbot app, adding BW as VPN app in it.
Then start BW. I explain these steps in my BW LNDHUB guide

Hi Thank, I tried this but I am on iOS and it still seems to be searching even when I follow the above steps…

I had several issues as well and I’m on Android. As I understood BW is a mess to manage a connection with Tor but I was not much more successful with orbot. In my cases it did connect well the first time but then it’s trying to connect for minutes and mostly fail at the end. I removed it and use Zeus or Zap to use my node directly or SBW with my Umbrel Electrum server and a unique channel to my node. Both work perfectly fine.

I just want to close this thread and say eventually…don’t know how, but it finally all connected to another 1 week and eventually it all worked out…

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BW Android has an issue still connecting to LNDhub. Connecting to Electrum server works fine. Works using Orbot or Tor in BW. Lightning though is having trouble scanning the QRCode. Scan closes immediately and displays “http://not-enabled.onion” in address field.

Umbrel LNDhub is synced. Any solution? I tried both Orbot and Tor. Forced closed each when I try.

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Here the same issue, can somebody tell me what to do?