Bluewallet and Umbrel issues

Has anyone successfully connected their Bluewallet to their node following the Umbrel tutotorial? I cannot send anything out of my Bluewallet and get an error “APE error: bad auth (code 1)” after following the steps outlined.

A detailed guide here
Remember: use your BW with Tor. Because that is the way BW is communicating with your node.


Also, you cant connect existing BW wallets to Umbrel. You have to connect BW first and then make a new wallet.

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I always get the message you can see in the screenshot, when trying to work with my Lightning Wallet. It is connected with my Umbrel Node and the bluewallet lndhub. It worked in the past but now I always get the bad auth error.
When I create a new Lightning Wallet it works, althouhg it is connected with the exact same adress(LNDhub).
Do you have a solution for that?
Thank you very much!

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