umbrelOS 1.0 reads only microsd storage

I was having the same issue as you, have upgraded to 1.0.3 and all is still good. But as you say, I did start the download from scratch. I was having issue after issue with 1.0 that I never got to far into the download before having to start again. So yes I have 1.0.3 but started the download again.

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@smolgrrr, is it okay if I don’t upgrade to 1.0.3 from 1.0.1? Everything seems to working ok since I did my last flash. @whynot confirmed that after he reflashed to upgrade from 1.0.0 to 1.0.3, he did have to start the blockchain download again. I don’t want to lose another 3 days downloading the blockchain if I don’t have to. Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like its going to be fixed in 1.2

I did all the steps you mentioned in this post. Still my 2 TB SSD not being recognized. Can you please help?

Please try these new steps here and let me know how that goes!

Hi @smolgrr,

I have the bitcoin machine from Umbrel and it has it’s own SSD. This being the case, how do I go about the installation? I don’t see a way to get the umbrel image at the below link onto that SSD?

Please find attached a picture of machine I have.

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