UmbrelOS 1.1.2 issues

Hi, I am having problems using v1.1.2 of Umbrel OS. There are 3 immediate issues that I’m experiencing.

  1. The availability storage is not 2.15 TB it should be 4TB or be shown as 3.7 TB.

  2. The images for installing an app doesn’t display in the first image.

  3. The App Store doesn’t work, at all. So I can’t download the blockchain and get it up and running.

Setup is Raspberry Pi 5 8 GB, 4 TB NVMe SSD and NVMe hat. I used etcher to flash the Umbrel image to the drive then it seemed to work perfectly straight away which it hadn’t before this is until I noticed the App Store doesn’t work and the storage is wrong.

Hi Josh,
had similar issue. My env is rpi 5, 8 GB, pineboards bottom nvme hat, 2 TB nvme.
Umbrel 1.1.2 didnt integrate nvme and was not showing up in the Webapp dashboard.
nvme was showing up by running lsblk. Manually you can mount it to …~/app-data. Then you can install bitcoin etc. But storage 2 TB is not showing up in the dashboard. it seems nvme drives are not supported right now. I’ve heard nvme will be supported in umbrel version 1.2.

But it seems you are facing more problems than me. Anyway i would wait for 1.2 and try again …

This probably issue realted to NVme disks on Raspberry devices only - and it will be solved in next version of Umbrel (next update). I am using NVme disks on Mini PC and UmbrelOS 1.1.2. with no issue at all.

(Problem 3)
Sees to be just a problem I would suggest you to connect your device (not your umbrel device) to a VPN and check again.
The umbrel device don’t have proxy for the Umbrel App Store frontend request, I have this problem where but just for the Discovery tab and the website. I would like to have those requests using proxy and with caching but not before they solve this issue so people will not need to connect Umbrel to a VPN.