Way to much system storage usage

Hey guys!

I have Umbrel installed on my Raspi. I didn’t access it for a while but did now again today and couldn’t reach it at first. I re-flashed the MicroSD so that I was able to access the node again. It worked but then it showed a warning “Your Umbrel is running low on storage”. I looked at the settings and saw that my system uses 395.4 GB. It wasn’t like this before and I was wondering if any of you guys have a solution for that or a reason why this is happening.


edit: I am also not able to troubleshoot because there is an error occurring when I try to generate the logs (“Error: Failed to fetch debug data.”).

you could try and track it down.
Unless somebody knows what it is.
Like maybe do you have a bunch of pictures or videos on there using jellyfin or some other storage app?

ssh in and go to your apps directory

cd umbrel/app-data

See how much each folder is using and sort for human readable and size.

du -sh * | sort -h

See whats taking up space.

Prune your bitcoin Node on Umbrel! Say 20 GB instead of FULL node capacity which is where your space has gone to. Then restart Umbrel.