umbrelOS 0.5.4 is out with a redesigned App Store, Migration Assistant, and more

Introducing umbrelOS 0.5.4 with a redesigned App Store. The apps on umbrelOS have been growing like crazy, so we revamped the app store to make it more intuitive for you to discover all the self-hosted goodness!

This update also packs our new Migration Assistant. If you have pre-ordered the Umbrel Home and are currently running a Raspberry Pi-based Umbrel, you’ll be able seamlessly transfers all your existing apps and data from your Raspberry Pi’s SSD/HDD to your Umbrel Home in one click. :raised_hands:

In addition to these enhancements, there’s various performance improvements, bug fixes, and subtle refinements, such as the option to update your display name from settings. The full changelog can be found on our GitHub.

Twitter announcement:

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Are there plans to support migration from a Linux docker-compose-based installation onto an Umbrel Home? The Umbrel Home seems to be priced slightly steep for the specs, but worth it to me because it’s perfect for the intended use case: having my Umbrel environment on nice, dedicated hardware. Right now, I am a little constrained by the 8 GB of RAM on the old laptop I have my Umbrel environment on.

Hey @dvln_137! Unfortunately, Migration Assistant only supports Raspberry Pi at the moment. That being said, which apps are you running your current Umbrel setup? We might be able to help you out with a manual migration (using CLI) depending on the apps that you’re using.

Thanks! The only three that matter are the bitcoin node, the lightning node, and LNDHub.

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Something in 0.5.4 broke Umbrel. Maybe it was to push everyone to buy the stand alone Umbrel Server box being sold on the website but this update tanked the RPi 4 8Gig. I was barely able to recover my sats before a fresh full re-install started glitching out again. I really like this idea but until a more stable release comes out I’m shelving this project.

What error did you get on your Pi 4 @RyukenKai, or what issue did you encounter?

Our FAQ is here that goes over most every issue I assume it could be, and happy to look into anything further of what happened to your install if you’d care to share, thank you

If anyone has any issue feel free to reach out for real time assistance on Telegram too, or contact Umbrel on any official channel you prefer:

I’ve been on the FAQ here. I finally got apps to install via the cli by brute forcing them over and over and over again. But it still devolved to giving install errors.

I can’t speak for the server that’s purchased off the website. It may work perfectly fine but it shouldn’t be necessary to brute force an app to install on a clean install.

answered on that post

@mayank I’m in a similar boat. I have Umbrel running on a RasPi4 for over 2 years. It’s now struggling under the strain of not having enough memory and processor power so I’m looking into better hardware. Is there a comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly upgrade, or at least to keep my channels open by just moving LND to the new device? Where is the best place to start?

@dvln_137 Were you successful? I want to follow the steps of someone that has done a migration properly.

I never tried yet. I’m still using my original machine