Migrate from Raspberry Pi 4 to Raspberry Pi 5

I’d like to migrate from Raspberry Pi 4 to Raspberry Pi 5. My 2T SSD already contains UmbrelOS and these Apps: Bitcoin Node, Electrs, BlueWallet Lightining, Lightning Node, mempool and RoboSats. I’d like to avoid the 3-4 days for a new installation/synchronizations.

Can I just power-off RPi4, insert the SSD cable and the Micro SD Card into RPi5 and turn it on? Or what’s your suggested steps for this migration, please?

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Yes you should be able to just plug the microSD, it just has the system image, all the data is safe on the SSD, still i would advice you to connect another drive even if it’s an USB and check if it let’s you do the setup process normally before plugin the 2TB drive

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I have the same question. The current version of Umbrel OS doesn’t support Raspberry pi 5. It doesn’t boot.

Any update on this? I too just got a Raspberry Pi 5 and would like to migrate Umbrel from my Raspberry Pi 4.

I did attempt to move a generic Raspberry Pi 4 microSD card to my Raspbarry Pi 5 and it did not boot so I’m assuming moving the uSD card from the Umbrel Pi won’t work any better.

It will works with the 1.0 version of umbrel.
This will arrive in march 18th.


Good to know, just looking around now for info on rPi5.