Umbrel will not accept Btc address from Wirex and Mycelium

Hello all,

Set up a Rasp Pi and 1T SSD, downloaded Umbrel onto my Mac, and synced to the Btc network.
All looks good, Btc Core running 100%, Btc and LN wallets active, all looks good.

But when I try to deposit Btc from Mycelium wallet by scanning the QR code, I get ´payment address is not valid´ and from Wirex App wallet it says ´this dosent look like an address. Please input a valid one´.

Anyone can help with this, Thank you ion advance

Please stop using those two.
Mycelium - from one of the good wallets back in 2015 became a shithole that doesn’t even support segwit native (bech32 as LND Umbrel wallet is using and all wallets should use).
Wirex - is a scam. Total scam. And I warn you to stop using it IMMEDIATELY. For your own good.

You have been warned.

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Yeah thanx for advice, im with u fully on the Wirex scamfest.
Dont use it, just got a smidge of Btc on there, was testing deposits
into my new Umbrel… couldnt do it… Like I say in post.

Back to that while you here if u dont mind, any idea why address not valid?
Im just trying to get some Btc into my Umbrel to check its working. 2 wallets say no.
Mycelium not supporting Bech32 yeah?
And the Wirex scammers? Same?
Thanks in advance

as I said, both are shit.
If you have funds there, take them out immediately.
Just open a Bluewallet, send funds to that wallet, and forget about using those shit.
From Bluewallet you can send to whatever other wallet you want and also you can use same seed into Electrum desktop or mobile.

Man, stop using shit wallet apps. Anything that doesn’t support segwit native and LN are useless.
Use decent apps that support full segwit and LN like:

  • for node management: Zeus, Zap, RTL, Thunderhub
  • for stand alone wallets: Electrum, Blixt, SBW (simple Bitcoin wallet), Bluewallet, Phoenix, Muun, Breez etc.
    More wallets here

Thanks, yeah got all that.

Im trying to take em immediately… thats wat im doin ere
I dont use these, just some tiny euros on em I was trying to test Deposits into Umbrel,
Im with you on all you say, 100%
Thanx Darth

I ran across this same problem with Wirex, and then after googling a bit I arrived to this post. Well, sorry but your posts weren’t helpful at all, @DarthCoin. I’m pretty sure @bitbitbitzone was well aware that Wirex was bad. He was just asking for advice on taking his money off Wirex. He was already trying to do that, so telling him over and over how bad Wirex is and telling him to take the money out (which was what he was actually asking about) didn’t help him (or me, who was having the same issue).

Just in case somebody else has this problem, I found the solution: You should create a new BlueWallet wallet, yes, but not the default type. You should go to Settings > General > Advanced mode (enable this switch).

Then create a new Bitcoin wallet selecting the option “SegWit (P2SH)”. This type of wallet doesn’t give you any mnnemonic words (your only backup is the private key), but you won’t be using this wallet for long anyway. This wallet is just to receive funds from exchanges that don’t support newer Bitcoin wallet types, such as Wirex. Once you have the funds in this wallet, you can move them to a regular “modern” wallet.