BTC not showing up in wallet


Complete noob here.

I setup Umbrel on my raspberry pi last night, and soon after it starting downloading the blockchain, I sent about $12 to the onboard wallet from Coinbase.

It’s the next day now, and it’s still not showing up. I even downloaded another wallet app for my laptop, logged in to the wallet using 24 words and password, and it still shows 0.

The address that I sent it to is:

Also, the address changed on Umbrel. Is that normal for the address to change?

I’d hate if I lost $12 bucks. Thank ya’ll.

Umbrel might generate a new address for each transaction but I’m not sure off the top of my head. This is to help protect your privacy.

Not sure why you can’t see the funds but I’ve seen other people say similar things - I do wonder if it has to do with the fact that you haven’t fully downloaded the blockchain yet, so your local copy of the blockchain does not yet contain your transaction.

Okay, this is a possibility that I was thinking it could be.

However, I also downloaded Wasabi Wallet, and signed in to my wallet using the recovery words, and it downloaded everything, shows as ready, however the balance still shows as 0.

That’s what doesn’t make sense to me.

Same for me. Restored umbrel and nothing in my BTC wallet. Completed sync.

How long have you used Umbrel?

It seems that this has been happening to several people. It seems sort of suspect.

I don’t think you lost your money as the balance for the address you mentioned is showing your funds just fine.

Is this an address you have access to?

Yes, that is the address I sent it to.

I must have access to it, because I took the address from: Umbrel > Bitcoin > Deposit. I copy and pasted the address it gave into Coinbase, and sent the BTC.

However, when I login to the wallet with the recovery words on Wasabi Wallet, it just shows the balance as 0.

Is there a way to confirm that the words that correlate with the recovery, do in fact, belong to the address they were sent to? I know the funds went to that address. How do I confirm that the address is mine? (Although it must be mine, because I got it from Umbrel.)

I forget what this is called but I can explain it.
Think of each seed phrase as a tree. In this case the tree has 2 billion addresses. When you start a new wallet with the seed your shown address #1 on a branch that has maybe 1 million addresses. When you imported to a new wallet it searched a different branch of 1 million addresses and none of those had a balance. You’d need to force it to check the other branches in order to see the address that has a balance. The funds are in that wallet even though they are not showing.
As others have stated Umbrel won’t show the balance until the full chain is downloaded. It has no idea those coins were not sent on a higher block. Checking the given address does show one input.

TLDR: Funds are safu. Wait until sync is complete.

That makes me glad to hear. I will wait for it to finish downloading.

Do you know if Wasabi Wallet, or another specific wallet, will allow me to scan that address in the wallet?

Thank you.

Had the same issue when I sent over the BTC while Umbrel was still syncing the blockchain. After restoring Umbrel Wallet with the 24 Words everything is fine, means also the old transfer is shown.

Just use to check address balance. Wallets typically only check an address they have sent to or received from. If I had to guess Electrum and Bitcoin Core may be able to do this though its been a few years since I’ve used ether of those.

What wallet did you restore them on? I have restored the wallet twice now with the 24 words on Wasabi and Electrum, and both wallets show the balance as zero. How do you manually add the address to the wallet?

I see that. I know the address has the balance. But I want it to show up in my wallet now.

I had used Bluewallet. It may show you that balance when you force it to review the blockchain but for some reason it won’t update with new transaction coming in. It will however show them outgoing. I can never get the two wallets to show the same balance even though its the same seed.

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You are awesome man. I downloaded Bluewallet on my iPhone and put the 24 words in to recover, and immediately it popped up with the Bitcoin balance.

I must say, this was a learning experience, and I’m glad for it. I think this system should be improved upon for normal people to accept this, as this was more complicated than it should be. I understand the analogy of a tree with many branches and not being able to realistically scan them all at once.

I understand this is not an Umbrel problem, more of a Bitcoin problem, but it should be part of the design, so that once you login to your wallet, you see an accurate ledger.

Thank you all for your input. My node is a little over 25% finished downloading. Looking forward to getting it downloaded and learning more!!

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I see it more as a wallet issue than a Bitcoin issue. There should be some default order to the use of addresses that wallet devs use…

Enjoy it, there’s so much it allows you to do. A big step in the Bitcoin journey.

I don’t see normal people running a node for at least 5-7 years. Most of them will run one without even knowing they are as I see them being embedded into mobile phones and computers.
We are still so early. If I had to place this in internet time frame we are somewhere in the AOL modem stage. Email is beginning to be easy (easy to spin up nodes), chat rooms are now a thing (Sphinx). We still have no real idea what will be developed. We never saw a smart phone coming as we stumbled through the net trying to find things with no search engines.