Noob in need! - used umbrel seed in bluewallet

So i used my umbrel seed in blue wallet and shazam! my umbrel bitcoin core balance and transactions appear in a new wallet in my bluewallet. however from this point it seems the two have got desynchronized, im assuming this is normal and im just an isiot… it seems that if i send BTC from my exchange to my BW it adds to the BW balance and if i send to an address pasted from my umbrel it adds to the umbrel balance but not both?!? i have noticed that there is a way to “show addresses” in BW but in umbrel you just click “deposit” and each time a different address aappears i tried a few clicks and compared the addresses with the addresses in BW and they seemed to correlate until i got to the last one in BW (27 in total) then a brand new one was generated in my umbrel not visible in my BW… im very confused and just want to have a single wallet with a balance i can view on my umbrel or my BW… perhaps im asking too much and should just choose one to use? again apologies for the noob question!

So im still not sure why but it works the way it does, but i fixed it by sending the whole balance from my BW on iOS on chain to my umbrel, the umbrel didnt see the whole balance incomign it just showed the missing balance coming in if that makes sense… after this i deleted the wallets on Blue Wallet and re imported using seed phrase and everything is there. Panic ovewr however i still dont know why it behaved the way it did, i have been researcxhing and think it may be something to do with the Aezeed seed that umbrel generates instead of the BIP 39? if someone could shed light that would be great - every day is a school day and i want to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

  1. Don’t do that again! Period.
  2. Umbre Node onchain wallet have only one purpose: to be a ramp on for opening LN channels. That’s all. You deposit from another onchain wallet, open channels and done. When you close channels also you get the sats back in onchain node, and you can use them again to open channels.
  3. Read the getting started guide about umbrel - it is important to start there, so you will understand what you are going to do and also how you can connect other wallet apps to your node.
  4. Read about how you can use BW and your node (you get it wrong from the beggining)
  5. Read about how you can use BW only when is about to restore your node
  6. Read all the rest of the guides about how you can use Umbrel for more stuff.
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Noted! Thank you!